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Tauranga Loop Track

Tauranga Bridge

The Tauranga bridge track is most notable for the historic Tauranga Bridge. The wooden bridge, built in 1922, and recently restored, is a rare example of a “harp type” suspension bridge.

Te Manga - Te Rua Manga

Te Manga

The Te Manga Track is a 7.7 kilometer round trip, which takes about 6.5 hours. It is can be very steep and difficult so is only suitable for those ready for adventure. 

koranga forks

Koranga Forks

The Koranga Forks track is a multi-day loop along the Koranga River and some other streams. There are good swimming opportunities in the river and high quality huts to overnight in.

North Island

The North Island of New Zealand is more populous compared to the south island. Home to over 70% of New Zealand’s population, it has plenty of hikes surrounding the major cities. At the northern tip of the north Island you will find the Bay of Islands with many day hikes to enjoy, in the south you find the cultural wellington, and in the center of the island is the famous Mount Raupehu which features the Tongaririo Corssing with the mesmerizing green lakes.

South Island

The South Island of New Zealand is known for its high mountain peaks, lakes and icy glaciers. The Southern Alps features Mt. Cook, where Sir Edmund Hilary cut his teeth before Mount Everest, and runs along the length of the South island. In the north of the South Island is Abel Tasman National Park, which is picturesque for blue water and white sand beaches. In the south is the Fiordland National Park, with the majestic Milford Sound. 

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Pest To Watch Out For When Tramping In New Zealand

New-Zealand is known for its gorgeous nature and landscapes. Attracting tourists from all over the world to experience its environmental magnificence. Despite all the beauty, you will also encounter pests when hiking in New Zealand. Outdoor pests are a serious problem in New Zealand, threatening the original flora and fauna.

Safety Tips When Tramping In New Zealand

When you are tramping or hiking in the beautiful and interesting country of New Zealand, it is important for you to always keep your safety in mind. That is why this article will provide some tips to help for your tramping safety, as the reality is that New Zealand can be prone to a flash flood and bad weather can happen unexpectedly sometimes.