Te Manga

The Te Manga Track is a 7.7 kilometer round trip, which takes about 6.5 hours. As the largest peak in Rarotonga, It is can be very steep and difficult so is only suitable for those ready for adventure. It is suggested you wear good hiking socks, despite the tropical conditions, or else you may get blisters from the rough terrain. Also make sure you have plenty of water and bug spray for pest control. This hike leads through the lush interior jungles of Rarotonga, and one thing that is very interesting is the jungle birds of Rarotonga don’t vocalize, so instead of the constant sound of bird calls one associates with the jungle one instead hears a peaceful serene silence as they hike.

The hike begins near a taro swamp but quickly begins to ascend steep slopes beside a creek. In many places one has to climb up rocky inclines with ropes. The track then follows a ridgeline with nice views, but the going is still arduous with roots to clamber over and sudden drops to look out for. When you make it to the top, however, you are rewarded with a 360 degree view of the whole island — the surrounding peaks, the lush jungle, the white sand beaches. The descent is of course a bit easier but don’t think you’re home free. Descents can be hard on your knees, and being tired and hurrying homeward it may be easier to trip and injure oneself.