Tauranga Bridge

The Tauranga bridge track is most notable for the historic Tauranga Bridge. The wooden bridge, built in 1922, and recently restored, is a rare example of a “harp type” suspension bridge.

The track is a 5.8 kilometer loop that crosses the bridge, goes up one side of the creek and returns, crossing the creek twice more after the bridge. When the creek is in flood the crossings may be impassable but they are easy under normal conditions. If the first creek crossing seems barely-passable you should double back because the second one is deeper than the first. One should wear long pants, as blackberries and other shrubs tend to overgrow the trail a bit and can be scratchy. Altogether the trail should take 2-3 hours.

The hike is along a benched track so it’s relatively easy going other than being overgrown. There are magnificent views from the suspension bridge and the whole valley is lush and green. There is also a nice potential campsite twenty minutes from the turnaround if you wish to camp in the area.