Koranga Forks Hut

The Koranga Forks track is a multi-day loop along the Koranga River and some other streams. There are good swimming opportunities in the river and high quality huts to overnight in. Because the track is along the streambed in places, it may be impassable during flood times.

One begins at the Moanui Road, and one can follow the loop clockwise or counter-clockwise. I’ll describe it counter-clockwise so you have the side-trip options on the second day. One begins by following the track down the Koranga River. This is an easy track suitable for family and kids, and after 2-3 hours you will cross the river by a swing-bridge and five minutes later arrive at the Koranga Hut at the junction of the Koranga River and Kahunui Stream. All the huts along the track are relatively new, well maintained, with six bunks, and first-come-first-serve.

The second leg is 3-4 hours up the Kahunui Stream, mainly on the streambed. This is mainly dry most of the year but, again, may be impassable when the stream is in flood. Don’t miss the large orange marker indicating the track exit from the streambed onto a benched trail, and half an hour later arrive at Tawa Hut.

At this point the trekker has three different options: two different side trips up to huts on tributary streams or to hike out. Both side trips lead to huts where one can spend the night, so one can really dial in just how long of a trip one wants to make here. The first side trip option is up the open riverbed of the Makakoere Stream 3.25 hours to the Makakoere Hut (this one is only 4 bunks unlike the rest). The second potential side trip is to continue up the Kahunui Stream three hours to the historic Kahunui Hut. The final option is the hike out up a benched track beside the Kahuiti Stream. One goes over a ridge and back down a steep descent into the Koranga valley, crosses a swing bridge to join the trail you started on, and then it’s half an hour back to the starting carpark on Moanui road!