4 Things You Need Before Going Tramping in New Zealand

It is important to be geared up and prepared for any hiking excursion. Even casual hikers are aware of some of the essential things you need when you climb a mountain or go tramping through a gorge. The following things are crucial if you are planning to go on a hike.

First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies - 4 Things You Need Before Going Tramping in New Zealand

When travelling anywhere away from the nearest hospital, it is always a good idea to carry a comprehensive first aid kit. As you gain more hiking trail experience, you will be able to modify your first aid kit depending on your individual needs.

Pre-packaged first aid kits are the easiest way to get started. They are lightweight and feature a setup suitable for treating minor ailments. Make sure to replace anything you use before your next hike. Check out videos on YouTube to see what’s in a common first aid kit and learn some critical first aid skills.

Proper Nutrition

When preparing for a hike, you need enough calories to sustain your energy levels throughout the hike. Snack bars tend to be useful on these occasions. You can also take some lightweight snacks along like nuts, dried fruits, and jerky. These quick bites are stocked with calories and protein to sustain your energy levels.

For a bigger lunch, hikers can pack bagels tortillas or make sandwiches with hard meats and cheese. It is good to note that these are also fairly lightweight foods. Canned food can be heavy and should be avoided if it can be helped.

Make sure to take along some extra food if you’re headed out on a long hike, and just in case your trip takes longer than expected.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated - 4 Things You Need Before Going Tramping in New Zealand

Water helps to cool the body down when it gets too hot, and it can also warm you up when you’re cold. This temperature regulation helps to keep your joints and muscles working properly to avoid injury during the hike.

Without staying well hydrated on the trail, you can become dehydrated and fall seriously ill. Water helps to keep all the body’s critical systems running properly. Make sure to bring enough water for the duration of your hike.

If you need water for a day, you will need about 4 litres per person hiking. Make sure that your water is contained within something that can be carried easily, like water bottles or a hydration bladder.

Hiking Gear

Equip yourself with hiking gear for a long hike. Make sure you have quality trail running shoes with a long-lasting grip that will be suitable for a range of hiking environments. The right equipment and gear will be comfortable, lightweight, help to avoid blisters, will dry quickly, and will provide the traction you need when going uphill or downhill.

Whether it is visiting an island off the coast of Auckland or traversing a dense rain forest in the middle of nowhere, the right equipment will get you where you need to go. For more information and some of our trail-tested recommendations, check out Tramping New Zealand.