3 Remote Destinations for Travellers in New Zealand

If you are looking for the road less travelled, then these holiday destinations in New Zealand are a great escape away from the beaten track.

The Blue Pools, Haast Pass

The winding tracks of the Haast Pass on the South Island will lead you to a series of crystal blue pools. These pools are filled with glacier water that has moulded the pools over centuries of rock erosion. The track between Lake Wanaka and the West Coast leads up to the pools, and it is surrounded by a dense forest.

Hamurana Springs

Tramping enthusiasts will find a high-level viewing platform that will give them a birds’ eye view of Hamurana Springs. This gem is hiding in the Rotorua region, and tramplers will find it after a short 15-minute walk on the Hamurana trail. Visitors can choose to sit down for a picnic or decide to cross the bridge and continue the hike.

Matapouri Bay

This horse-shoe shape bay is one of the lesser-known attractions on the North Island. It features white sandy beaches. Visitors who pass through during low tide will also get access to access the area’s Mermaid Rock Pools. Matapouri Bay is definitely worth the visit if you’re travelling the North Island.

Curio Bay

The Curio Bay features a range of wildlife and nature walks in the area. You can take long walks on sandy beaches, and if you are lucky, you will encounter Hector’s dolphins, whales, and a colony of yellow-eyed penguins.

This hotspot for tourists and hikers is located on the southernmost point of the South Island as you travel through Catlin’s region to reach Curio Bay. This location was once a forested floodplain, and explorers will even find fossilised remains of the mudstone-rich petrified forest.

These locations are a must before you head out to any of the popular islands surrounding the North and South islands. Hiking and nature enthusiasts will find more exciting locations like these if they dare to explore.