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The following podcasts will give listeners a closer look at what life is like in New Zealand. Learn from their experiences and listen to their stories.

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Podcast – hnzpt.podbean.com

This podcast is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Learn some interesting facts and stories about history, culture, archaeology, and the significance of places in New Zealand. The Heritage New Zealand of New Zealand is a podcast series that focuses on how we can experience heritage in the digital age.

The DJ Mack Travel Show – accessradio.org

The DJ Mack Travel Show - Podcasts

This popular travel show is based in Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand. The podcast is a travel show hosted by Douglas Mack, who is the co-owner of Identity Tours. The company offers tour packages for people who are physically and intellectually challenged.

The show also gives information on locations around New Zealand and the world, providing a list of helpful tips and attractions. The tours and experiences discussed on the show are about the tours that they have taken with their customers.

It’s a Drama: Life in New Zealand Podcast.

This family left everything behind and began travelling the world for a year. The family made up of two teenagers, a dad and a mother who likes wine a bit too much – did just that on a budget of about $80 a day.

This podcast aims to show people how they can do exactly the same. It is not easy to travel the world on a budget, but they are not regretting their move to New Zealand. This is one of the few family travel podcasts out there.

If you plan on travelling to New Zealand, you can create your own podcast to share your experiences with the world. Follow these entertaining blogs to get some advice about travelling and living in New Zealand. Subscribe here for more travel information.