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Tramping New Zealand presents readers with guidelines and information about trekking and hiking around different parts of the country. Readers will find a bunch of articles here that will get them up to speed about the latest attractions and destinations.

While travelling, you can learn all about the long history of gambling in the country. Visit some of the country’s most popular horse racing tracks and find out more about the competitive sports betting culture. You can even visit a real-life breeder to learn about the art of breeding with racehorses.

You can subscribe to podcasts to listen to experienced travellers and their stories. Find out more about the places that few travellers ever see and stay intrigued with adventures that will motivate you to take on a journey of your own. Some of these podcasts offer budget-friendly tips on travelling the country.

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Learn about some of the most picturesque islands around the country to discover volcanoes, indigenous forests, and a range of plant and animal life that will have you coming back for more. Most of these islands are only a short ferry ride from the coasts of the Northern and Southern Islands.

If you are looking for the road less taken, then we share a few destinations on this site for travellers looking for a quiet place that doesn’t attract a lot of tourism. Look at these remote destinations to find unchartered territory that is bound to take you on an adventure. Take your camera along on any of these beautiful hiking trials.

If you are interested in hiking and trekking in New Zealand, then you need to make sure to pack a few essential things. Remember that safety should always be taken seriously, as medical help will likely be far away if you decide to take on a proper hike.

Find out more about hiking and trekking in New Zealand by contacting this channel for updates.