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Abel Tasman Coastal Track Walk

Day Five - Anapai Bay Campsite to Totaranui Campsite

Tramp Description
Weka at Anapai Bay For our final day, we had decided to simply retrace our steps back to Totaranui and grab a water taxi from there. The route back took only an hour as expected and we had a final swim in the lovely water at Totaranui whilst we waited for our boat to arrive.
During the boat trip back, it felt strange to 'whizz' past all the lovely beaches and scenery we had spent five days tramping through. It was also a pleasant reminder of the memories from the trip.
Tramp Tips
Throughout the tramp assume all water needs to be boiled or filtered unless otherwise indicated. A couple of campsites had drinkable water but otherwise it has to be boiled or filtered.
The campsites are well looked after, and apart from the obvious shelter provided by a hut, the facilities are no different. Even the smaller campsites were clean and tidy. So if you're looking to avoid those smelly huts take a tent and camp out.
Take insect repellant, the mozzies and sandflies are relentless!
Plan your trip out, the huts AND campsites are booked well in advance.
Tramp Details
Time: 2 hours
Grade: Easy
Campsite Description
Category: Scenic
Sites: 269
Water: From tap
Cost: $13 booked in advance (seasonal restrictions)
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