New Zealand

Te Manga, Rarotonga

  • Highest point on Rarotonga
  • Rock climbing and knife-edge ridges for the adventurous
  • Awesome island views
How To Get There
From Avarua travel clockwise around the island. After three kilometres, turn left, heading inland. After a short distance you reach the inland circuit road, turn left onto this, and then almost immediately right onto a road running parallel to Tupapa Stream. Follow this road for as far as you can, this road leads to the start of the track.
Tramping Time and Distances
Te Manga Return
Time: 7 hours
Distance: 8 kms (approximately)
Grade: Hard, a very steep climb using ropes to get up cliff faces
Tramp Description
The track starts out easily enough, following on from the access road past some private properties. The signpost to Ikurangi is passed after about ten minutes from the start. A few water intakes are also passed along the way.
About 200 metres after a second intake, the track leads into dense bush. From here the track begins its ascent of Te Manga. Not far from here the first of many rope climbs is reached. To enable trampers to get over large rocks and cliffs along the track, ropes dangle down from above. The ropes are securely fastened at the top and must be used to successfully reach the summit.
The track climbs steeply, although there are a few downhill sections as lower peaks are reached nearer the summit. At one point there is a short section of track known as the Bridge. Appropriately named as it spans between two large trees. It seems as if the 'bridge' is made only of vines hanging high up in the air, although beneath the vines is actually a basalt rock base.
After about three hours a junction with a ridge coming in from the right is reached. Te Manga now lies less than an hour away. The final stretch to the summit involves a 50m rope climb - not for the faint-hearted or weary.
The summit is small and care must be taken when walking about at the top. The views from here are outstanding.
To return, just retrace your steps, taking care on climbing down the ropes.
The whole tramp takes around seven hours and is graded as hard. A lot of water is required as there is none available for a large part of the tramp. Also ample sun-block and insect repellant are recommended.
Track Gradient
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Tramp Map
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Tramping Photos

Te Manga

View of ridge from Te Manga

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