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Waitawheta Hut FAQ

At TNZ we get asked quite a few questions about the Waitawheta Hut, here are answers to a few of the more commonly asked.

Can I book the Waitawheta hut?

Unfortunately you cannot book the Waitawheta hut. As with the majority of backcountry huts, the bunks are allocated on a first come first served basis. The only way to guarantee a bunk is to get an early start. Having said that the hut does have 26 bunks so the chances of missing out are slim. Also if you take a sleeping mat, there is plenty of floor space if all the bunks are taken. In the summer you may consider sleeping outside on the deck. There are also plenty of camp sites for trampers with a tent.

How many hut tickets do I need for the Waitawheta hut?

The Waitawheta hut is a 'Serviced' hut and requires the visitor to have either a Backcountry Hut pass or three hut tickets. The tickets currently cost $5 each and are available from Department of Conservation offices and good outdoor shops.

Are there gas cookers at the hut?

You must provide you own cooking equipment at the hut.

How busy does the Waitawheta hut get?

The Waitawheta hut is very popular with trampers in the area as the hut provides some very good accommodation and is a relatively easy tramp. Obviously weekends are busiest and I experienced an almost full hut on a Saturday night in May, yet have heard of the hut being almost empty on a weekend during the summer. When staying at any hut it's always best to be prepared and I often take a sleeping mat with me in case the hut is full.
For more information on the Waitawheta hut check out the tramping report for Waitawheta hut or the information and map page for Waitawheta hut in our hut search section.

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