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Te Pourewa Hut, Urewera National Park

  • Two day short, easy tramp along a derelict road through bush
  • Hut with a beautiful view up the Waimana Valley
How To Get There
Access to the Waimana Valley is from SH2 between Taneatua and Nukuhou North. Follow the Matahi Valley Road for approximately 30 kms til a DOC sign indicates the start of the track. Please note that non-4 wheel drive vehicles cannot gain access to this point, they should be left at the Otapukawa Stream adding an extra 2km (1 hour) to the distance to the hut.
Tramping Time and Distances
From Tauwharemanuka
to Te Pourewa Hut
Time: 2 hrs (one way)
Distance: 4 kms
Tramp Description
Leaving your vehicle at the DOC sign, follow the gentle easy track into the bush. The track follows the Tauranga river as it winds it way up the Waimana valley.
Along the way the track gently climbs above the river - at one point there is a wonderful view over-looking the river below.
After about an hour a turnoff is reached indicating a side route to the hut.
Follow this turnoff down towards the river to a swingbridge. Cross the swingbridge and the hut is found a further 15 minutes or so up on a terrace. From the terrace are lovely views of further up the Waimana Valley, including the peak of Te Tarata.
This tramp is straightforward and great for someone wanting to get into tramping or of low fitness. The track is easy and well-marked, there are no river crossings and the hut is of a basic standard.
Track Gradient
Hut Description
Average: Standard
Bunks: 8 with mattresses
Heating: Open fire
Water: Next to hut
Tramp Map
Tramping Photos

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