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Tauranga Bridge Loop Track, Waioeka Gorge

  • Half day hike past old settlement sites
  • Easy track with two river crossings
How To Get There
Approximately 30 km south of Opotiki on State Highway 2 there is a small turn off to a car park. From the car park Tauranga Bridge is a 10 minute walk away. Continue over the bridge to start the Tauranga Stream loop track.
Tramping Time and Distances
Tauranga Bridge Loop Track
Time: 3 hrs (return)
Distance: 5.5 kms
Grade: Easy, with two river crossings
Tramp Description
From the car park, follow the track down to the magnificent Tauranga Bridge. There are beautiful views along the Waioeka river from the bridge. The bridge was built to provide access across the Waioeka River for farming communities in the valley. The farms are now gone, but the old bridge remains.
Cross the bridge and continue along the track. At a junction choose between the north or south route. Taking the north route means that a crossing of the Tauranga Stream is made at the start of the trek. You may wish to take the north route initially to check the river level before continuing along the south route.
If the south route is taken then after about an hour of tramping through open land, an easy river crossing is reached. On the other side of the Tauranga stream is a great place to stop for a break.
The north route passes through a forest which reaches down to the Tauranga Stream - the enclosed feeling of the forest in direct contrast to the open-ness of the south route. Along this route many small waterfalls tumble down the hillside by the track.
After approximately an hour and a half the route re-crosses the Tauranga Stream. This crossing is deeper than the one upstream, however should not be too difficult providing the stream is not in flood. There is a wire strung across the stream to aid the crossing.
Follow the track back across the Tauranga Bridge and back to the car park.
This is an easy tramp, but does involve getting your feet wet. It passes through some beautiful scenery and is great if you are short of time.
When the river is in flood only the south route is recommended as the river crossing at the start of the loop becomes impossible.
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