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Manganuku Hut, Urutawa

  • Two day tramp, part bush track, part river hike
  • Cosy backcountry hut
How To Get There
The Manganuku campsite is situated on State Highway 2 about 50 kms south of Opotiki. The start of the track is by the old bridge at the eastern end of the campsite.
Tramping Time and Distances
Manganuku campsite to Hut
Time: 3 to 3.5 hrs (one-way)
Distance: 7.5 kms
Grade: Easy to medium, including a river bed section
Tramp Description
The track starts by a DOC sign at the bridge. From the sign follow the track as it crosses down into a small creek flowing into the Manganuku. Water-cress can be found at the point where this creek meets the Manganuku stream.
Continuing along the track, it gradually climbs higher and higher above the Manganuku stream. Along the way there are brief glimpses down to the stream below. At time of writing (November 2005) there was a bad slip about 20 minutes from the start of the track. Care should be taken when crossing it.
The track continues to run parallel to the stream until just over an hour after leaving the campsite a junction is reached. The right fork drops steeply down to the Manganuku stream and the left fork continues up the Little Manganuku Stream valley.
At the time of writing (November 2005) the left fork soon reaches a very difficult slip. The safest route was to follow the right fork down to the Mamganuku and start the river bed section of the tramp from here.
At the bottom of the right fork, a lovely stony area is reached and makes a great resting spot before beginning the second half of the tramp along the Manganuku Stream.
This section of the tramp should not be attempted when the Managnuku Stream is in flood as it would be impassable and there is no alternative track to the hut.
For the next two hours the track follows the river bed until, marked by toi-toi, the track veers away from the river and leads the way to the Manganuku Hut. Along the river bed track, orange markers do indicate short alternative routes through the bush but it is debatable whether any time is saved by taking these routes. The river bed route can be very refreshing on a hot summers day.
The hut is situated in a very pleasant clearing surrounded by a number of impressive kahikatea trees. A short track leads back to the river for water and there is a track at the back of the clearing continuing parallel to the Manganuku Stream.
Hut Description
Category: Basic/Bivvie
Bunks: 6 with mattresses
Heating: Open fire
Water: From nearby river
Cost: Free
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