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Te Urewera National Park

Where is it?

Te Urewera is situated in the north east corner of the North Island. The nearest large centres are Tauranga (1.5 hours), Rotorua (1 hour), Taupo (1 Hour) and Gisbourne (1.5 hours). State Highway 38 runs through the centre of the park from Rotorua to Wairoa. Note that this road is not tar-sealed for a long stretch in the park.

Facts about Te Urewera

Te Urewera covers approximately 212,000 hectares of land, most of which is forested. It has a number of beautiful lakes, including Lake Waikaremoana. The park is largely unspoilt and makes for great tramping. The weather is pretty good all year round, although it can get cold in the winter and expect snow on tops then as well.

To do

The park has a great network of huts and tracks for tramping hiking. It is also a great place for hunting - deer and pig can be found throughout the park, and permits can be obtained from the visitor centre at Aniwaniwa. There is some great trout fishing in the park too. For a more leisurely break, or on a rainy day, the museum at the Aniwaniwa visitor centre is a great place to visit.

Where to stay?

There is a vast range of accommodation at the nearby centres. Within Te Urewera there is a motor camp beside Lake Waikaremoana plus accommodation at Tuai on the edge of the park.

Tramps in Te Urewera

Probably the most well known is the Great Walk at Lake Waikaremoana. The lake is situated in the south of the park, and the walk goes around the lake in a clockwise direct. The walk starts at Sandy BAy in the south east corner of the lake and ends at State Highway 38 near Hopuruahine Stream. Transport has to be arranged between the two points. It takes between three to five days to complete the walk, and there are many camping sites as well as huts along the way. The tramp is rated as easy to medium as the only steep section is at the start of the walk on the first day to reach Panekire Bluff. The rest of the walk is relatively straight forward.

Other tramps include The Whakatane River, Six Foot Track and the Whirinaki Circuit.

Tramp Reports for Te Urewera National Park

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