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Abel Tasman Coast Track

Quick Info

Abel Tasman Coastal Track Map
  • 3 to 5 day tramp
  • 4 huts plus numerous campsites
  • non circuit, however water taxis provide an excellent service to and from many points on the track
  • 52 kilometres of easy to moderate coastal track
  • stunning coastal scenery, with secluded bays at almost every turn of the track
  • bird life includes tui, fantails, and pukeko

Huts and Times

StartDistance (kms)Time (hrs)EndBunksHut amenities
Marahau 12.4 4Anchorage 24 Heating
Anchorage9.53Bark Bay 34 Heating
Bark Bay11.54Awaroa 22Heating
Awaroa134.5Whariwharangi 20Heating

Walk Description

The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is supported by a great water taxi service which enables trampers to pick and choose which sections of the track they would like to walk. Anything from a day hike to the full five day tramp is possible.

Starting at Marahau, the track follows the coast to the first hut at Anchorage. To reach Torrent Bay, an estuary between the two bays can be crossed two hours either side of low tide, otherwise an inland route must be taken. Please keep to the track around Torrent Bay as there is private land in the area.

On the inland route at Torrent Bay there are a couple of side trip options, one to Cascade Falls (1.5 hours return), the other to Falls River Falls (three hours return), both are on the same side track. Before the second hut at Bark Bay is reached, a massive 47 metre swing bridge has to be crossed over the Falls River.

The estuary at Bark Bay is negotiable at low tide, however there is another inland option here. Further on a tidal stream at Onetahuti Bay may cause problems as there is no inland track and the stream can only crossed three hours either side of low tide.

The next hut at Awaroa is soon reached after Onetahuti Bay. Again the estuary here can only be crossed close to low tide when continuing on from the hut. At Totaranui there is a general campsite and a water taxi pickup point as well as a track walkers campsite and is a popular end point for most trampers. However for those with a bit more time, the track continues on to the Whariwharangi hut which is a restored farm homestead. Along this last section of the track there is a one hour side trip to Separation Point, a fur seal breeding spot. This trip forms a loop with the main track.

From Whariwharangi hut the end of the track at Wainui is only 1.5 hours away. There is a car park at the end of the track from where transport is available.

As well as the huts there are many campsites along the track and obviously kayaking the track is an option too.

More information on the Abel Tasman National Park.

How to get there

The start of the track at Marahau is 17 kilometres from the centre of Motueka off State Highway 60. Motueka is 49 kilometres from Nelson City.

At the end of the track, both Totaranui and Wainui are about 30 kilometres from Takaka. From Takaka State Highway 60 leads south back to Motueka or Marahau.

There are many transport options in the area to get you to and from the track.

Both Motueka and Takaka have ample accommodation and supplies for trampers or kayakers.

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